4 Luxury kitchengadgets to change your life forever!

Feb 5, 2018

While we are all about adding luxury to our lifestyle, why leave out the most important part of the house? Your kitchen could really benefit from a little bit of luxury when it comes to gadgets and appliances. Such purchases could either cut future expenses with their super saver energy saving technology or help you get rid of redundant appliances, which were just adding to more clutter.

Check them out for yourself!

Illy X1 Anniversary Edition Espresso Machine

According to “Every day, more than seven million cups are sipped in more than 140 countries making Illy the king of premium espresso and the leader in coffee science and technology”. This premium nespresso machine is an anniversary edition and the founder Francesco Illy invented the “illeta”. It was the first espresso machine to use automatic water dosing with high pressure and was later awarded with a patent in 1935. You can buy this one at Illy coffee shops or even online with exclusive retailors.

A Residential Urban Cultivator

Now you can grow your own vegetation in your own kitchen with an appliance as small as a dishwasher. Can you imagine where technology has taken us? High-techgardening appliance, which will help you grow herbs and nutrient rich food all year round. For conscious healthy eaters, this urban cultivator is the perfect farm to table experience.

Heston Cue

Innovation in the kitchen is evolving and with Heston Cue you can cook better with a video –guided cooking system, curated by some of the best chefs of the industry. This appliance controls time and temperature every step of the cooking process and beautifully communicates with sensors and helps you create the perfect meal.

There is nothing you can’t do with these luxury handpicked gadgets and appliances.

Miele’s new EcoFlex dishwasher

Generally a dishwasher takes an average time of 3 years to finish the whole process of washing and drying. But the Miele’s dishwasher takes only approximately 58 minutes to finish. How cool is that right?

Modern bright kitchen interior 3d render