About Us

CribLife is an exclusive luxury lifestyle management service with its roots in India. We offer solutions for personal and corporate clients enabling our members to enjoy life to the full. With CribLife you can unlock unparalleled access to the very best, we offer exclusive savings and deliver the highest level of personal service.

The dynamic team at CribLife understands and appreciates the sophisticated needs of our members. CribLife ensures our members spend time on the important things in life whilst we take care of ensuring all manner of things can run seamlessly in the background.

A number of our senior staff are from the UK and have traveled and worked extensively throughout Europe/Asia and understand what exceptional service and it’s delivery is all about. An additional benefit of our service is the indispensable advice that our talented team can offer; this is only a telephone call or email away.

CribLife service offers its exclusive services through private memberships, white label services and corporate partnerships. Each of the service is specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of our members, partners, and clients allowing for differences in choice and levels of lifestyle management.

Membership is normally through invite only, personal application or via specially selected partners. We endeavor to meet all our clients to ensure we better understand you and the way you want to be served. CribLife works tirelessly to deliver the exceptional as we know our clients expect the very best that life has to offer.