Why is Pondicherry a home for luxury lovers?

Feb 5, 2018

While we all are exploring destinations abroad to satiate our quench for luxury destinations, there are some hidden gems in India waiting to be touched and explored.

Pondicherry might not sound too appealing to your ears, considering it might qualify as just another southern state but it has so much more to it, and undoubtedly you will love every bit of it.

Pondicherry as a city has so much for the urban traveller who seeks tranquility amidst the chaos. One can hire a vintage bicycle and take a ride around the city and experience the city just like a local. Luxury villas, historical boutique hotels, fine beaches are just a few attractions which make Pondicherry a must go destination. Amidst the French and colonial architecture, there also lies a haven for nature lovers, where one can engage in activities ranging from nature walks to scuba-diving, kayaking, sailing and much more while watching the magnificent sunset.

The beauty of this unique city lies in its culture, which opens its door to visitors of all sorts. Apart from homestays, five star resorts and fine hotels, for luxury lovers, there are some villas and boutique properties worth exploring. These properties will leave you speechless with their heritage and luxury

La Villa Hotel- Built by two French architects, this award winning property is a one of the world’s best boutique hotel for luxury lovers. One can experience a beautiful influence of different eras, which reflects in their unique style of interiors.

Luxury Ville French Quarters- Luxurious 19th century villa converted into a boutique hotel will give you goose bumps with its astounding confluence of French and Indian heritage. There are quaint cafes, exquisite boutiques and eateries around these French quarters, which make a stroll around the property worthwhile.

LeDupleix–An ancient villa located in the heart of Pondicherry with a regal touch of traditional French architecture. This designer property offers its visitors with penthouses and luxury suites, decorated in the most traditional yet elegant fashion.

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