Reasons to Book Through a Travel Agent with a Concierge Service

Jun 17, 2018

We think travel agents only book trips, and hence think its best to do it ourselves online  to save service charges. The power of the internet has made us question the need of travel agents , well apart from the month or two credit.

Well, you might be wrong. A good travel agent with a specialist concierge service can do much more and is worth paying a little extra and here’s why .

“Of course we specialise in building travel itineraries. but good advisers can help you in all sorts of ways that most people don’t realise”, said Rob carp, founder of Miles ahead, a luxury travel concierge service.

There aren’t many travel agents offering a specialist concierge service here in India, but its a trend we will see soon as the number of  discerning Indian traveller grows.

The Pain of Last Minute Changes to your Travel Plan 

When you need something changed or amended, glued on the phone trying to speak with a call centre staff is probably not the best use of your time. A  travel agent can help sort this out for you more efficiently. They can advise on the best alternatives ensuring all your other bookings and plans are least affected.

A Travel Concierge at Your Service 

Relationship Managers know your preferences and are on top of what’s new, what’s cool, what’s happening and what’s not. When you want the most of your hard earned holiday let your concierge guide you through the best your destination has to offer. VIP access to a film premier or a private guide perhaps, new age travel agents now offer a specialist concierge  service for a small fee or a value add.

Let Your Travel Agent Design Personalise the Experience 

Speak to your agent and give your wish list. A skilled travel agent will be able to design a bespoke itinerary just for you. If you liked antiques, they will tell you where to go and who and what  to ask for. If you are a vegetarian travelling to Germany, a good agent will be able to arrange a special menu at the  top restaurant in the city for you. Don’t miss out on anything.

Travel Agents Can Help Plan Special Occasions 

Searching for the perfect location to take  your loved ones for your 10th wedding anniversary, can be made much easier with the right agent . They will be able to find the location best for the time of year, best flight connection so your friends don’t complain because of an uncomfortable flight timing. They can leave specific instructions to make your day special unforgettable.

Not on Holiday but on Business

Its even more important to have the right agent looking after you when you are on business. Table reservations at the most sought after restaurant to impress your clients, entry to exclusive private clubs to celebrate a deal can all be made possible . Today’s agents go above and beyond this and can connect you to the right solicitor when you in an un-familiar country expanding your empire.

All The Extra’s

Fast tracked  VIP meet and greet at airports, like celebrities. The best personal shoppers to help you buy the perfect piece of Art for your new home, real local knowledge and support are just some of the benefits of using a travel or lifestyle management service.. All these are made possible by specialists taking the time and making the effort to understand you, and negotiating the very best benefits for you. Pitching one agent against another for some saving isn’t worth the hassle if you truly want the very best .