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NYC gives you another reason to dress up for breakfast

The legendary Tiffany’s store decided to make the Oh so chic and popular film into reality more than half a century later. The Blue Box Café on the 4th floor of the store in NYC is the place for breakfast at Tiffany’s, remember the iconic Audrey Hepburn strolling around the Tiffany store to forget about her day-to-day struggles and financial miseries. Well now you can do the same, just in a better way by actually making a beautiful start to your day with a breakfast meal at the Tiffany store.

The décor is classy in a tone of mesmerizing aquamarine; the color is an extension of the color palette used by the Tiffany from time immemorial. Blue might not your favorite color, but after visiting this café, it will be on the top of the list.

The high tea at the café is something we wouldn’t miss. Its delectable range of breads, sandwiches and savories are worth going for. The café is open regular store hours, which means you can eat, drink, shop and browse for that dream engagement ring.Buying a piece of jewelry is not just about shopping, but an experience and what could be better than Tiffany’s.

Add this to your New York’s bucket list of breakfast places and don’t forget to spread the word:)

The Destination Spa- A world full of peace and tranquility

They say ‘exquisite beauty and unlimited wealth’ are the two things directed towards real contentment. But alas, the inner realm needs to fine-tune itself time and with bigger and better things like finding solitude, expressing gratitude and having faith in oneself. A little escape is a must to recharge every once a while and this place willsurely help you surpass the chaos and get access to the majesty of the spirit.

Chiva-Som, a state of the art spa and wellness retreat, located in HuaHin, approximately 185 kilometers south of Bangkok set in acres of lush gardens and a health center, beautifully placed on the oceanfront. Ah!!! The stylish and luxurious rooms, treatment rooms, watsu pool, gym, steam, sauna, Jacuzziand the fresh organic fruits and vegetables ensurea healthy and new you. Don’t worry! There is fine dining too if you thought it was all just green leaves at theEmerald Room and Taste of Siam with views to die for.

The 10-day Emotional wellbeing Retreat

Stress not! Fret not! Give you emotional senses a break much needed.

If your routine stress is taking a toll on you, go for the emotional retreat, perfect to get your inner soul to calm down and get back into the groove. The perfect getaway for your body and spirit in the most holistic way with the emotional wellbeing retreat, consisting of therapies such as like acupuncture, meditation, curated experiences for relieving stress off the mind and body, a stable sleep schedule and most importantly, a healthy diet. Here lies the key to a serene and peaceful inner soul.


While staying emotionally healthy and intact is one thing you would want, ChivaSom’s award winning therapies will transport you to an alternate dimension, of course with a tint of luxury.

Contact your lifestyle specialist today and book yourself a personal wellness experience to trulypacify your senses.

4 Luxury kitchengadgets to change your life forever!

While we are all about adding luxury to our lifestyle, why leave out the most important part of the house? Your kitchen could really benefit from a little bit of luxury when it comes to gadgets and appliances. Such purchases could either cut future expenses with their super saver energy saving technology or help you get rid of redundant appliances, which were just adding to more clutter.

Check them out for yourself!

Illy X1 Anniversary Edition Espresso Machine

According to “Every day, more than seven million cups are sipped in more than 140 countries making Illy the king of premium espresso and the leader in coffee science and technology”. This premium nespresso machine is an anniversary edition and the founder Francesco Illy invented the “illeta”. It was the first espresso machine to use automatic water dosing with high pressure and was later awarded with a patent in 1935. You can buy this one at Illy coffee shops or even online with exclusive retailors.

A Residential Urban Cultivator

Now you can grow your own vegetation in your own kitchen with an appliance as small as a dishwasher. Can you imagine where technology has taken us? High-techgardening appliance, which will help you grow herbs and nutrient rich food all year round. For conscious healthy eaters, this urban cultivator is the perfect farm to table experience.

Heston Cue

Innovation in the kitchen is evolving and with Heston Cue you can cook better with a video –guided cooking system, curated by some of the best chefs of the industry. This appliance controls time and temperature every step of the cooking process and beautifully communicates with sensors and helps you create the perfect meal.

There is nothing you can’t do with these luxury handpicked gadgets and appliances.

Miele’s new EcoFlex dishwasher

Generally a dishwasher takes an average time of 3 years to finish the whole process of washing and drying. But the Miele’s dishwasher takes only approximately 58 minutes to finish. How cool is that right?

Modern bright kitchen interior 3d render

Why is Pondicherry a home for luxury lovers?

While we all are exploring destinations abroad to satiate our quench for luxury destinations, there are some hidden gems in India waiting to be touched and explored.

Pondicherry might not sound too appealing to your ears, considering it might qualify as just another southern state but it has so much more to it, and undoubtedly you will love every bit of it.

Pondicherry as a city has so much for the urban traveller who seeks tranquility amidst the chaos. One can hire a vintage bicycle and take a ride around the city and experience the city just like a local. Luxury villas, historical boutique hotels, fine beaches are just a few attractions which make Pondicherry a must go destination. Amidst the French and colonial architecture, there also lies a haven for nature lovers, where one can engage in activities ranging from nature walks to scuba-diving, kayaking, sailing and much more while watching the magnificent sunset.

The beauty of this unique city lies in its culture, which opens its door to visitors of all sorts. Apart from homestays, five star resorts and fine hotels, for luxury lovers, there are some villas and boutique properties worth exploring. These properties will leave you speechless with their heritage and luxury

La Villa Hotel- Built by two French architects, this award winning property is a one of the world’s best boutique hotel for luxury lovers. One can experience a beautiful influence of different eras, which reflects in their unique style of interiors.

Luxury Ville French Quarters- Luxurious 19th century villa converted into a boutique hotel will give you goose bumps with its astounding confluence of French and Indian heritage. There are quaint cafes, exquisite boutiques and eateries around these French quarters, which make a stroll around the property worthwhile.

LeDupleix–An ancient villa located in the heart of Pondicherry with a regal touch of traditional French architecture. This designer property offers its visitors with penthouses and luxury suites, decorated in the most traditional yet elegant fashion.

Discover this colonial “White Town” with Criblife and let us help you discover the best this city has to offer. Contact your lifestyle manager today.

5 Luxury Resorts in Abu Dabi to make you, go Ooo-la-la!

After watching the movie Sex and the city, we bet every travel junkie has some real #AdbuDabigoals. Middle eastern resorts offer exquisite standard of hospitality and unparalleled luxury, which can leave anyone flabbergasted. No doubt, the movie had set high expectations and a luxury lover would love to experience the same level of luxury.

These resorts offer the quintessential luxury Abu Dabi resort experience and are designed to provide the travellers with finest abodes with an enriching view of the desert. Have a look at these properties and be ready to be mesmerized.

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort By Anantara

One of the most luxurious resorts in the world, Qasr Al Sarab offers authentic and unparalleled luxury amidst the sand dunes providing a royal experience to travellers with discerning tastes. Villas and deluxe terrace rooms give a view of the sand dunes, not to forget the activities ranging from camel trekking to see the sunrise and many more seasonal excursions

Anantara Sir BaniYas Island Resort

Beautifully nestled amongst salt dome hilltops, Anantara Sir BaniYas Island will take you closer to nature and offers luxury villas with breathtaking African décor. It’s a family resort, which provides activities ranging from canoeing to snorkeling and even horse riding. There is nothing more you can ask in the middle of a desert.

Emirates Palace Hotel

A kempinski property, the Emirates Palace hotel is top choice amongst luxury travellers. A sweeping private beach, villas and suites with opulent interiors and a variety of international restaurants give a feeling of grandiose. Expect a lot of marble, dome like structures with a tint of gold all around you. They make sure you are treated like royalty.

Zara Nurai Island

Rated as one of the best located resorts in the Middle east, Zara Nurai resort is just 30 minutes from the Abu Dabi Airport and is a spectacular private island offering some exceptional villas, water villas, beach houses and estate villas. The dining options are in abundance and lets not forget the spa that provides a magical view to the sea.

Yas Viceroy, Abu Dabi

Being the centerpiece of Yas Island, this luxurious property hovers over land and water providing travellers with exceptional offerings with more than 450 rooms and 11 dining options to choose from. Etihad members are offered exceptional discounts and reductions to all silver, gold, platinum members. So if you are an Etihad Frequent flying member, you are in luck!

5 reasons why Pashmina is one the most luxurious and treasured wedding gifts!

Treasured, adorned and loved by the royalty back in the day, Pashmina was called the “khilat” ie. the robe of honour. The earliest documentation of is from the Akbar’s reign where there is a reason to believe that the Kashmiri shawls were valued by the rich and famous for its unsurpassed qualities- gossamer fine, silken soft, feather-light in many parts of Asia for time immemorial.

Our ancestors have always carried this legacy forward and today pashmina makes an integral part of the trousseau of almost all Indian brides. It is undoubtedly one of the finest fabrics in the world and considered to be an apt wedding gift as well. If you are looking for some reasons as to why you should consider pashmina gifting to your loved ones, we will tell you why!

  1. It exudes royalty and class
  2. It’s a treasured art so it’s value will never go down
  3. It can be passed on from one generation to another
  4. The beauty of a Pashmina cannot be resisted
  5. If certified they could be resold at the same price or even higher.